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Access to a third party service does not work

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Your LANGA Account access may be blocked by some services when we are unable to verify that it is really you who are logging in. If your access is blocked, the service you are using may alert you with

  • A general error message indicating that the login failed

  • An error indicating that username and password are incorrect, even if you entered them correctly

Why is my access blocked?

Access to the LANGA Account may be prevented if the third party service you are trying to access from does not provide enough information to prove your identity, or if you are trying to log in from a new location or device.

What should you do?

Your access may be blocked if the device or location you are accessing from is new. Try again from a device or location you log in often: log into your LANGA Account on the new device and try again

If you are trying to log into your LANGA Account from an app, make sure you are using its latest version, as it may use more secure login technology.

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