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Our support for you

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Searching for an existing Account

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If you have tried to log in but don’t remember your username, we can try to search it for you with the information you provided when registering your Account.

  • If we can find a matching account, we will ask you to verify that you are the owner. Keep your Help code ready and, if you don't remember it, all the data related to the e-mail address, mobile phone, and other things that you can easily recognize.

  • If we can't find a matching account, we'll let you know. Double-check that there are no spelling errors or try using another email address or phone number. If we still can't find a match, you can create a new account.

If you have already created a LANGA Account and do not remember the username or e-mail address you used, you can try to recover them. Find the procedure for recovering your account in the previous section.

It is not possible to use an e-mail address to create more than one Account. If the e-mail address belongs to you, it is possible that you have already created a LANGA Account, but you cannot remember the password. For assistance, follow the account recovery instructions in the previous section.