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No information of any guest will be registered if they are not logged in.

Your information will always be secure with us, thanks to our rigid security protocol. This article is here just because no one is perfect, and we must be prepared for everything.

We remind you not to register any information of your clients, we will take always you as a reference.

Through our security protocols, we always make sure that your personal information which must remain confidential is never shown in your Account. You can see on the public page of your account all the things that are shown to the public and what is kept confidential.


We guarantee maximum security on the encryption of sensitive data, such as your addresses if you decide not to show them, or the payment methods.

In case of personal information leak

If you believe that any of your confidential personal data has been taken from your LANGA Account, please follow these steps carefully.

  1. Log into your Account dashboard

  2. In the left menu, search for Security and contacts

  3. Select Change password

  4. Enter a new password and confirm

  5. Go back to the Dashboard and have your Help code ready

  6. Contact our urgent support at this link 

Our security experts will be at your disposal to understand what happened and suggest how to behave.

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