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Suspicious activity

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Discover if the Account has been compromised

If you notice any of these signs below, someone else may be using your LANGA Account.

If you think someone else has signed in to your Account, change the password for your LANGA Account right away if you haven’t already. After that we recommend that you check if there are any unusual devices that have been logged into your account.

Fix the setting now if you find unknown changes to the following settings:

  • Your phone number

  • Your contact or alternate email address

  • The name displayed in your LANGA Account

  • Services or applications with access to your account

Financial assets could be suspicious if:

  • You don't recognize purchases. Report unauthorized charges to support

  • You don't recognize one or more registered payment methods. Remove the unknown payment method

  • You detect unauthorized charges. Contact Urgent Support and provide your Help code to identify any unusual activity.

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