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This feature will not be accessible if you don’t have a LANGA Account.

The data that will be transferred will be fully encrypted with our security system. Within the LANGA services, everything is hosted on our servers so you won’t have to fear for your personal data.

Some of our services may include special features for collaborators that may not be available on every service. Read carefully the terms of use of every service.

Using your Account with our services

Your LANGA Account can be used to log into other services. In fact, once you register a LANGA Account on one of our services, with that you will be able to access any application. All you have to do is go to the Account button located at the top of the site, click on Login and enter your LANGA Account details. At this point, everything will be ready and you will be able to access the service.

Using your Account with third party services

Some of our collaborators or entities that have close relationships with us have decided to rely on our services and thanks to this it is possible to use their services or access their user areas with your LANGA Account. If on a site you find the Login with LANGA button you can simply enter your account data and enter the application, even if it is not directly connected to our main services.

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