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Using services with a LANGA Account

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Within our services all functions are linked to LANGA Account. This means that with your Account you can perform different actions, which will all be attributable to your personal Account.

Main actions

You can purchase products/services with your LANGA Account from third party services. All you have to do is log in with your LANGA Account via the Login button and proceed with the purchase using the payment methods stored on your account, or by adding one from the checkout page.

The purchases you make, and in general all the movements of sums within the LANGA services are stored within your single account. Within the "Payments" section on langa.tv you can find a summary of all the movements within our services.

By using your LANGA Account with other services, every time you enter a new application with your data for the first time, all the preferences and general settings of your Account that may be used will be recalled. In this way you can use our services with a single profile without worrying about having to re-enter data that you have already communicated, in complete safety.

Your Account allows you to access each of our services with the same credentials, without data loss or security problems. If a double account belonging to a single person occurs, they will be merged with a view to simplifying and organizing users, without losing preferences or related services.

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