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Here’s a short guide about the problems we found in our experience with our customers. Search down your problem and if it’s not enough, contact us via the form at the bottom.

The goods that have been delivered to me are damaged.

Being a link between seller and consumer, eFruit applies the same level of protection to both parties. If you notice that the delivery has been damaged, please report it immediately to the assistance through our contact form. We will examine the case and act according to the terms of use provided. It is important that a report of this type is made with the right timing, taking into account the limit of days within which to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The goods that were delivered to me have expired.

Being a platform that works mainly with the food sector, eFruit has among its priorities that the quality of its products is always guaranteed. When this does not happen, it is up to the consumer to report the anomaly no later than the terms and conditions set by the seller. In fact, if the report takes place outside the time set by the seller as regards returns, it will no longer be possible to request the return and refund.

The goods were delivered to me with considerable delay.

Each consumer is guaranteed the right to receive the purchased goods within a reasonable time. If this does not happen, the right of withdrawal intervenes, or the consumer can be reimbursed in case of non-delivery due to circumstances arising from unforeseeable circumstances or due to force majeure. The return request period, in fact, starts from the actual delivery date.

I have requested a return. How do I return the goods?

It is mandatory to return the products by following the instructions available in our Returns section within 14 days from the day on which the withdrawal was communicated. The direct costs for returning the products are borne by the consumer.

I have requested a return. When will my refund arrive?

Once a return has been requested, the consumer has a period of 14 days in which to send the goods he intends to return. All payments received in relation to the product for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised will be reimbursed, within 14 days from the day we received the communication relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal. We will make the refund on the same payment method that was used to place the order, except for other methods expressly agreed. We may withhold the refund until we have received the product or until we receive proof from the consumer that we have returned it to the seller, whichever occurs first.

I have requested a refund. Is eFruit withholding anything?

Regarding the reimbursement policies, eFruit has a very simple behavior, the one we believe is fairer. It is our intention to protect both parties, since eFruit is an entity placed between customer and seller. On an order that is refunded by the platform, the consumer will be refunded the entire amount paid, and this also applies to the seller side. The percentage retained on the delivery will also be refunded. The only sum on which eFruit cannot act is that corresponding to the costs related to the payment method, since the commissions retained, for example, by Paypal cannot be recovered.

I want to bring to attention the incorrect behavior of a seller.

In its relationship as an intermediary between seller and consumer, eFruit’s task is also to guarantee fairness on both sides. For this reason, problems of this kind will be taken into serious consideration, in order to protect both categories in the same way. For this reason, we invite you, should something similar occur, to contact our Support providing as many details as possible so that our team can study the situation and take action if necessary. You can contact us in the Disputes settling section.
We take these issues seriously, as they are the basis of living properly on the eFruit platform. As intermediaries between the parties, we are obliged to always act correctly in compliance with the rights of both.

If you need to contact us for a problem with eFruit, just push the button and indicate your eFruit code in the message.

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