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The dashboard is a page where registered users of eFruit can find all the useful information about their Account, registered payment methods and orders placed.

In the first part you will find a series of general information. You will be able to view your internal cashback level.

Below you have the order panel, where there is a summary of the most recent orders you have placed on the platform, you can see the entire order or request a refund. 

Under Addresses you can change both the billing address and the shipping address.

For payment methods you will see a summary of those you have stored and you can add more with the “Add payment method” button.

Under Return requests you will be able to see all the requests you have made on eFruit.

Within Account details you will be able to see the summary of the general data of your LANGA Account.

If you are a fan of any vendor, you can see a summary under You are a fan of.

All your support requests made to sellers are collected in the third to last tab, you will currently see everything you need regarding resolved and still open requests.

Finally you can view our cashback program or log out of your account. All these features will be thoroughly explored in the following chapters.

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