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If you are not registered yet on eFruit, you’ll have to go to the Account page and click on Register.

Enter your username, which is the name you want to use to log into eFruit, enter your e-mail address and then choose a password.

To be accepted, the password must be secure, so we recommend that you dial it with a capital letter and a number. If the password is secure, it will be confirmed by the green banner. To make sure you have written it correctly, by clicking on the eye icon on the side you can view your password. After confirming the password, you will find two boxes: you will need to click on I am a seller.

From here the section expands, with spaces in which to enter your data.

  1. Name and surname

  2. Name of your physical store

  3. URL of your store, that is the name and surname of the seller, the name of your physical store and the URL of your store, or the string that will appear in the bar of the web address of who will visit your shop page. It is usually created automatically from the shop name

  4. Phone number

  5. Accept Privacy policy and Terms of use

  6. Click on Register.

Add more details

Once completed the first part, you will be redirected short section in which you can enter the main information of your shop. You can also do it later, but we suggest you click on Let's get started to do it right away.

Complete by entering the necessary information about your store:

  • Address
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Province.

The penultimate option is very important: you will have to select which category your shop belongs to. It is possible to belong to more than one category.

Finally, click the "e-mail" box if you want the address you used during registration to be shown on your shop page on eFruit and click Continue.

Here you can enter everything related to your payment details, such as:

  • e-mail of your PayPal account
  • the name of the bank account holder
  • the bank account number
  • the name of the institution
  • the address of the bank branch
  • the IBAN code and any Swift code for international payments

If everything is correct, click Continue... and your eFruit store is ready.

Final steps

When you have created your eFruit account, you will then need to access your personal e-mail, where you will find a new message sent by eFruit. All eFruit messages are marked with an E on an orange background. To confirm your registration on the platform, and your e-mail address, you will need to go on Click here to verify. You will thus find yourself in the area of ​​your account. This part can be reached by clicking on the icon at the top right and selecting My account. From here it is also possible to directly reach your Vendor Area. 

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