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Registration and LANGA Account

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Guest users will not be able to purchase anything on eFruit, unless they create a new Account.

Signing up for eFruit is very simple. It is sufficient to create a LANGA Account, starting from the “Login or register” button, located at the top right of the Home page. Once clicked, you will need to select your status (Vendor or Customer) and proceed by entering:

  1. Username

  2. E-mail

  3. Phone number

  4. Password

The operation is totally free and, once completed, just wait for the confirmation e-mail. Once received, your account will be active and you can start your eFruit adventure.


LANGA Account?

That’s right, by registering with eFruit you will effectively create a LANGA Account, thanks to which you can access all LANGA services and applications without blocking. To find out more, visit the Account section where you will find everything you need to know about the services connected to your LANGA Account.

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