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What is eFruit

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Vendor, open your Online Grocery Store. Consumer, buy from whoever you want.

eFruit is a web portal that allows producers and consumers to meet in a digital marketplace, where safety and quality are the priorities. With eFruit it is in fact possible to have the shopping delivered directly to your home, selecting the products that registered vendors upload on their shop. From food to household products, eFruit meets all those people who cannot reach stores for the most diverse reasons, making sure that, even from a distance, it is always possible to shop at your favorite places.

For vendors

Bakers, pastry chefs, greengrocers, butchers, but also fishmongers or producers of beverages; this is the opportunity to reach directly your customers. It is good to specify that eFruit is a Marketplace platform that does not directly deal with shipments. In fact, these will be carried out by the vendor in the ways that he deems most appropriate. Being on eFruit as a vendor means putting an extra gear, having the possibility to expand and consolidate the quality of your goods by sending them directly to the customer.

For customers

This service is specially designed for those who, unable to move from home for various reasons, want to continue to have products from their favorite producers or shops on their table. eFruit puts vendors and consumers in direct contact, to bring online the warmth of a physical store. Relying on eFruit therefore means making yourself available to a platform that guarantees absolute security for payments and transactions.

We remind you that the registration on the platform is completely free and it will always be.

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