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Who can sell on eFruit

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Food dealers, this is for you

The eFruit platform is dedicated to all those who operate in the food sector as sellers or producers and wish to have an organized and powerful online tool to expand their customer network and have their own online shop.

eFruit helps you to amortize costs, thanks to its own policies. Registration is free and it doesn't require renewal fees. eFruit provides a space in its digital supermarket where you can display and sell your food products at no cost.

The LANGA team that deals with eFruit is made up of young, trained and experienced guys, trained in the field of web programming and advertising communication. Becoming a seller on eFruit means, at the same time, obtaining free advertising for your business, thanks to a specialized group. We also have specific programs for those who want to exploit ads.

Becoming a vendor on eFruit means having the opportunity to reach much more audiences than what would normally physically go to your business. This is why we recommend that vendors set their rates in Parity or with prices reduced by 5/10%: in the face of a large expansion of the user base, more advantageous prices will attract a significant number of customers.

The advantage of eFruit also lies in the possibility for a seller to set the range of action to their liking. This helps to allow the costs of shipments to be amortized and so the seller can dose everything according to his possibilities.

Thanks to eFruit it is possible to significantly increase your incomes, since it means relying on a platform managed by expert advertisers that can potentially reach a very high number of consumers. It all lies in the ambition and determination of the seller who decides to rely on our team.

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