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Adding a simple product

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
The products can be inserted in a very simple and intuitive way. In the products page there is, at the top right, the Add new product button.

Enter the product name in the page that will open after clicking on the button.

Complete the description by uploading one - or more - photos that clearly illustrate your product to let the users know what they are buying. Upload good quality photos that can be good on any resolution.

Enter the price of the product. You can choose also a discounted price, which you can also program for a specific period of time.

Fill in a short description of the product, then enter tags and categories, which are very important to make the clients find your product on the platform.

Enter a more detailed description of the product to give more information about what you are selling on eFruit.

Click on Create Product if everything is ok.
Instead, click on Create and add next to save the current product and insert a new one immediately afterwards.

Importing products from a CSV file

Clicking on the Import button, on the other hand, is used to import the file, in .CSV format, of an existing product into the platform. To do it, follow these steps.

  1. On the page that opens, go to “Choose file” to select a .CSV file from your PC

  2. If this file has a product SKU already uploaded, check the box below to merge and update the product

  3. Click on “Continue” to complete the importing process.

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