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Product management

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Product type

In this part you can change your product from Simple to Variable and thus unlock all the variable product settings. To find out more, see the Variations tab in the menu on the left.

Unit of measure

Edit this section if you want the price you have determined for your product to be per kilo, per liter, and so on. If the price is per unit, do not select anything and leave the box set to “select unit”.


You will then find two boxes side by side that correspond to the descriptions you entered when adding the product. Remember that the one on the left, “short description”, is limited to 200 characters and therefore cannot contain many concepts. So, if you have to enter detailed information, it is better to do it in the one on the side, called only “description”, which on the contrary has no character limits.

Stock management

This is used for product stock management: by clicking on “Availability” you can quickly select whether the product:

  • is in stock
  • not available
  • is available but only on order

By checking the option “Enable stock management”, you will activate the part where you can manage the quantities of product available. In Quantity in stock you will have to enter the number of units available for the product, for example 100, while on the side you can set the minimum threshold, when the stock regime is reached. Generally on eFruit it is set to 5 units, but you can change this parameter according to your needs. by selecting one of the following items

  • do not allow it
  • allow it but with control
  • allow it a priori

In the last box of the panel, you can choose whether or not to allow the purchase of a single unit of the product within an order. If the box is checked, the option is active, otherwise it is disabled.


Here you can set the address from which the product starts. For example, if it is in a stock with a different address from that of your physical store, we can set it from here. You simply need to uncheck the Same as my shop address box to bring up the map. From here you can enter the new address which will only be active for this product, and will not affect your store’s default settings.

Shipping and taxes

Here you can set these parameters for the product. If the product is to be shipped, check this box; if not, uncheck to only show tax options. For shipping you can set weight, length, width and height and determine the class, i.e. clarify whether the shipment takes place within the day, for lunch, for dinner, within 1-2 days or within a week from the date of the order.

Regarding taxes, we will be able to decide whether to make the product taxable, whether to tax only the shipping or whether not to apply these options; in the box on the side we can choose all the options regarding VAT. 

Related products

We will be able to select among the products we have already uploaded to eFruit those we want to add in the same product sheet (with the left bar), while on the right the products we want to appear in the Cart section when a consumer inserts this product. Just type three characters and the system will present you with the list of products, so you can choose faster.


In this panel you can set the discounts for this specific product: By ticking Enable a discount you can enter the minimum quantity that can be purchased to activate the discount, for example 5, and alongside you can determine the discount percentage: let’s assume 10%.

Warranty options

Here we can, if we wish, override the Warranty policies for this product. We remind you that these must be set on Shop settings and we invite you to visit the Return and warranty section to understand how to do it. If we want to keep these settings we will not have to check the box; if we want to overwrite them – but ONLY for this product – we check the box and notice that a subpanel opens.

The first option concerns the label, that is, the writing that the consumer sees. By default it is set on "Warranty for the return", but you can replace it with your own message.

If you set "No warranty" we advise you to leave the pre-set one as a message on "Warranty policies", which warns that there are no refund policies set.

If you select "Warranty included" you will see that the panel changes, and you can set the duration of the warranty (limited or lifetime), and in case of limited duration you can set how long it actually lasts: on the left the numerical value and on the right the period, days, weeks, months or years.

The following four options are used to determine the reason for opening the refund: if the product has failed, if it has expired, if it is very different from the photos or if it was delivered very late. You can select them if you want them all, or the ones you think are correct. We advise you in this case to replace the pre-set message on "warranty policies" with your own policies.

By setting "Additional Warranty" instead, the panel interface will change again and you will be able to add the cost of this warranty and the period of time for which it is active: for example, 1 euro for 2 days. By clicking on the + you can add other options: let's say, 1.5 for 5 days, and so on: it's at your discretion.

Other options

Finally, the last panel is dedicated to the other options: as you can see, the publication status is set to “Pending review”, because as mentioned before, the product must first be reviewed by the eFruit team; once published, the label will be green with the word “published”. On “Visibility” instead you can set whether the product can be visible everywhere, or only in the shop, or only in the search results, or, by selecting “hidden”, this will not be visible to any consumer. In the Purchase Notes, however, you can enter a message for consumers, which can be a simple thank you, or a special warning. With the checkbox below, you can determine whether or not to activate reviews for this specific product. If the box is not checked, consumers will not be able to review it. Once you have finished editing, click on the orange Save button.

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