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Shop management

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In this section we will talk about the Products module. By accessing it you will find three buttons.

  • My products section, to view the loaded products and add newones
  • Coupons to manage your promotional codes
  • Reviews to read and manage the reviews left on your store

My products

Within this section it is possible to view all the products you have uploaded to eFruit: by placing the mouse on the product name you will activate the quick commands from you can see these informaction or actions

  • Modify or delete the product

  •  View the product page

  •  Quickly modify some details

  •  Duplicate it (only if you have subscribed to a Plus or Pro program)

  • Status of the product (e.g. online, draft)

  • Stock availability (red if products are not available)

  • Price and profit of the product

  • Type of the product (e.g simple or variable product)

  • Views obtained by the product

To add a new product, simply click the corresponding button at the top of the page.


By entering this section, which is reserved for sellers with a Plus or Pro program, you will be able to see coupons that have already been created, if any. In particular, it shows the code, the type of coupon, the amount, the ID of the products to which it is applicable, the limit of use of the coupon and the expiry date. To add a new coupon, you will need to click on Add new coupon.


By proceeding through the menu you will be able to check the reviews that have been left on your shop or products. The first viewable part concerns the approved comments (if it is empty, no comments have been approved yet, so you will find them under “Pending”). You will be able to view the author of the comment, the text and the keyboard shortcut: from here you can disapprove the comment, report it as spam or put it in the trash. By clicking on Go to the comment page you can see the product on which this comment was left, while “evaluation” refers to the score assigned by the review.

For reviews that have not yet been approved, you will need to go to Pending in the above menu. If you find a review that you think is not appropriate or is spam, just click on Do not approve or in this case on Spam and the comment will be inserted in the Spam section, therefore not viewable on the product page.

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