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Vendor dashboard

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Every time you access the Vendor Area you will find the Dashboard as the first page, within which there are several panels to get an overview of your activities on eFruit.

Your earnings from eFruit, presented in a tab where you can also see the number of visits to your shop and the number of completed orders

Your shop’s orders presented in detail, with those completed, pending, in progress, canceled, refunded or paused

The graph relating to the current month’s sales, divided into total sales and number of orders

The summary panel of reviews with the latest comments that have been left on your shop

The summary of your products, from which you can directly add a new product if you click on the corresponding button

This is a very important panel, since this is where the eFruit team will communicate directly with you


Here you can analyze all the data relating to your sales. The first part is about a general overview

  • Sales for the period
  • Average daily sales
  • Number of orders and items purchased
  • Charges and coupons

Moving with the upper menu you will be able to view more in-depth data on daily sales, where by selecting the day you will be able to find data limited to that specific date; clicking on Best sellers you will find which items have been purchased most frequently; on Top earnings you can find out how much is the total earnings referring to all the units sold of a product, while on the last box you can find the receipts.

Your fans

By going to this section, you can see an overview of all eFruit users who have decided to become fans of your shop on eFru.it.
All these sections are contained within the General module. By accessing it, you will find this screen, from which you can go to your shop page, the product section and the order section. 

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