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Requesting feasibility

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As a customer you can ask for specific features/items during the checkout phase, but this has nothing to do with the feasibility of a B2B partner. However, you can always make your request.

You are required to fill this part only if your customer has some requests that you think do not comply with the Tech specs, otherwise leave it blank.

The customer may request to add additional features to a processing, which may not be applicable to the product/service he is requesting.

Keeping in mind that, in LANGA Studios, you can directly see the options available for each Cube, there may be the possibility that the customer has specific requests that the collaborator is not sure can be applied to the chosen product/service. If a commercial product does not meet the needs of your customer, you can open a new conversation to submit us the real needs, all in order to verify the possible technical execution.

There are two ways from which it can be done. First, you can go to DashboardConversations New conversation and type in your request.

Once you sent your feasibility request, you can go back to Conversations and see all the request you opened.

You can also request the feasibility related to a specific product when you are about to buy it. In fact, under the cart summary, you can enter your request in the form.

The request will then be sent to the LANGA Administration, which will submit it to the Technical Department to proceed with the checks. If the answer is positive, then the collaborator can proceed with the order. If, otherwise, the feasibility request is rejected, it will be re-sent to the collaborator together with a report in which the criticalities of the request will be highlighted. At this point, the collaborator will be responsible for recompiling the feasibility request together with the customer, taking into account what was rejected in the previous application.

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