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You can reach these advantages only with a LANGA Account and a verified B2B status, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy any of these features.

If you have not applied for becoming a Collaborator, you won’t have access to these features.

Joining the Hey Collaboration Program brings a number of benefits to all members who believe in the power of collaboration for digital arts.

We reward merit. Those who prove willing, active and ready to commit themselves to obtaining great results, will surely be rewarded with higher and more concrete benefits.

Very often, in order to meet particular customer requests, you are forced to implement a technical figure in your team that weighs on costs and project management. By making an entire team available to you, we are able to have a great technical preparation helping you to complete your client's ideas.

We help you to increase your earnings thanks to a completely new customer base, your desire to do together with our means.

We will never interfere in relations with your client, we will always let him relate to your company. In some cases we can present ourselves to your client as your internal resources, helping you to maintain the management of your client.

The team you will talk to will always be made up of our internal technicians, who with their ability and competence will prove to be the perfect allies for you.

We have set up a particular discount system, commensurate with the level of membership of the user, so everyone will have their own well-defined discount plan before starting.

Our brands are supported by a large marketing study that determines the tactics used in the sales phase. For our B2B collaborators, exclusive resale is arranged for some of them, supported by digital and physical material.

Hey is not a program for everyone. We have quantity thresholds for each country that is supported within our collaborative circuit. At the moment, it's up to 399 for the Italian territory, for example. Contact us to learn more.

Each person involved in the Hey project will be involved in a meeting with one of our Account managers who will take care of training new collaborators by transmitting the LANGA philosophy and introducing them to everything they need to know to collaborate with us.

The levels within Hey were not meant to be fixed, but scalable. In fact, a reseller at the Satellite level can aspire to get to the Supernova, as well as the reverse, if certain standards are not maintained, one can be moved to an earlier level.

We release the right material to support collaborators in their relationship with customers. The material can be both digital, such as catalogs, specific areas on LANGA Studios, and physical, such as displays for Cubes, clothing or window stickers.

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