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Advancement, delivery and communication

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To follow the progress of a process, you will have a priority e-mail channel with the head of the technical team who is in charge of your project who will periodically update you on the completion status.

To communicate with the technical team about particularly urgent problems, we advise you to contact us via the urgent contact section, reachable on the right sidebar of Help., Communicating your Help code.

LANGA provides a real method for the communicative relationship between the end customer and the studios, through the free “The Cubes” App. Within the application it will be sufficient to enter your IDSI (corresponding to the processing purchased and available within the Cube received), to view the progress of the work or communications from the technical department at any time. 


Advancement process

  1. Place your order

  2. Receive the confirmation e-mail

  3. Wait until the Activation time is over

  4. The technical team's head will contact you to communicate the start of the work and the estimated delivery date

  5. You will receive periodic e-mail communications about work progress

  6. You will participate to reviews (for web works)

  7. Your duty is to communicate the steps to your customer, also via the TheCubes App

  8. You can trust us for communicating with your customer, we will introduce ourselves as your internal team


The Cube will be sent directly from the parent company to the collaborator, complete in all its parts, only after purchase through the online store. The collaborator will be responsible for delivering it to the final customer in the most appropriate way.

It is good to remember that the collaborator may receive one or more Cubes in his exhibition kit, but these are facsimile products, delivered on loan for use. The loss of a Facsimile Cube counts as the damage to a product of the kit and is subject to a penalty.

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