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Cultural education

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Cultural education is available for all people that deal with us, by means of a consulting or a training course by the Learn with us program. We do that only for LANGA Account owners.

For collaborators belonging to any level, dedicated training is provided to initiate and educate them about all LANGA services, ethics and the values pursued by our Company. It will be adapted to the corresponding level and conducted by an official LANGA Account Manager. 

  1. Apply to become a Collaborator

  2. Wait for your enabling

  3. Receive your enabling and your Help code

  4. One of our Account managers will contact you to decide dates and times for your cultural training with us

The training can be carried out in three main ways: remotely, via videoconference with the technical department, or face to face, especially for the higher levels. The usefulness of this moment is not only didactic, but also human, to establish direct contact with collaborators and not to let all operations always be carried out remotely, as LANGA strongly believes in relationships built through face-to-face dialogue and direct confrontation.

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