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Adding and removing an item from the cart

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Add to cart

Adding an item to your cart is very simple and can be done in several ways. You can do it directly from the quick view window of the product, especially if you already know the product.

If, on the other hand, it is the first time you purchase the product, we recommend that you enter the product page, carefully read the information and the technical data sheet, and then configure it by selecting the purchase options and add it to the cart.

You can also add a product to your cart from the Shop page, but only if the product has no purchase options to choose from.

Removing something from your cart

There are also several ways to remove products from your cart, some quicker, others less. The fastest can be done from any page of the site, hovering the cart icon with the mouse. The products you have added so far will be shown here.

You simply have to hover over the product you want to delete, at which point you will see an “X” to delete that single product from your cart.

If, on the other hand, you want to look more deeply what you have in your cart, you can click on Expand cart in the same drop-down, so you will be taken to the cart page. Here next to each product you will find the word “Remove”.

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