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When you arrive at the cart, if you have not yet set a shipping address, you can do it directly from the cart page to calculate the shipping costs. All you have to do is click on “Calculate shipping” and enter the required data.

Once everything is entered, the shipping options will appear. Please note that Cubes home delivery is always free.

Below this, you can also choose whether to apply a boost to your project to reduce processing times by adding one or more technical figures to the team that will take charge of it. This particular option is called “Delivery boost”, it can only be activated at the cart and helps you especially if you have a particularly urgent delivery.

You can always set your shipping address, together with the billing address, in the dashboard of your LANGA Account. If you have already set your addresses, you will not have to enter them in the cart. Once you have decided on the shipping method and selected any Delivery boost, you can proceed to checkout.

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