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Within the site it is possible to find different categories of products, which can be grouped into two main types, namely:

Physical products

This denomination characterizes the products that can be shipped. On Studios there is only one product category that can be shipped, namely TheCubes.

In fact, the Cubes are real objects made of cardboard, which contain manuals and all the utilities necessary to approach an exclusive product such as our marketing services. Shipping for Cubes is always free and you will receive our most important products directly in your hands, which combine digital with physical.

Virtual products

There can be many varieties of virtual products. We can summarize this name with the simple definition of “products that do not need to be shipped”. Behind these simple words actually hides a world of different variations.

Basically, all the web integrations, the extras, the marketing plans, the courses … or rather, anything that is not part of the Cubes can fall into this category. In fact, our services are digital, and apart from the most exclusive ones they do not require shipping, since delivery itself takes place virtually.

These are the main types of products that can be found in LANGA Studios. The categories then allow you to subdivide them even more for an even wider spectrum.

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