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Our support for you

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Academy customized courses

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The digital courses are specially adapted to you, to your cultural needs. If you decide to start the LANGA Academy path, you can take care of your personal training directly and you will always be followed by the Academy teachers.

In this particular project, we completely change the type of approach between students and teachers. The group of students will be smaller (activation starts from 6 people) and the experience will not be limited to just half a day but will be extended over 15 days. There are two modalities that can apply to our customized courses.

With night stay

Students will be hosted in one of our affiliated structures, located in the center of Alba, Italy, from which it is possible to easily reach the venue of the course

Without night stay

Only the learning program will be charged, the overnight stay is paid by the participants

Topics and subjects

Each Academy plan is defined and scheduled alongside a main theme, which is indicated by the students. In fact, each participant will be able to fill in a form in which to indicate his preferences for the learning program, the teaching team will then draw up the complete program for the benefit of all participants

Lessons modalities

All participants will be included in a training program within the production process of LANGA Studios, to have the direct experience of a strong and competent digital entity.


  1. Select Without night staying or With night staying inside the Academy details dropdown.
  2. Add to cart, go to checkout and pay.

  3. Wait for your confirmation e-mail. This message will also contain the form in which you indicate your preferences for the lessons' subjects.

  4. We'll wait for the minimum number to be reached. That happens during the Activation time.

  5. After 30 days, that is the activation time, your teacher will set up your lessons based on the preferences you gave us.

  6. Your teacher will catch up with you to communicate modalities, times and dates for your lessons.

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