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Small group courses

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This is the heart of our Courses, and the modality that we prefer above all. Why? Because it involves live presence, direct contact and immediate confrontation between our teachers and you. We will gather a group of no more than 15-20 people, in order that everyone gets the right learning grade. 


  1. Select Small group inside the Course modality dropdown.
  2. Add to cart, go to checkout and pay.

  3. Wait for your confirmation e-mail.

  4. Wait 30 days, that is the activation time, during which we will prepare the Course.

  5. During the activation time, the minimum number has to be reached, in order to activate the Course. The minimum number is usually around 10 people.

  6. Once the minimum number is reached, we will set the Course date and prepare our lessons.

  7. Our department will contact you via mail and via phone call to communicate you the details of the lessons, dates and place.

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