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Categories and filtering

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When a user is inside Studios, they will find all the products categorized according to a precise system that helps them in navigation. Below you will find a summary of how we have divided the products that will support you in your choice.

Digital marketing arts

This macro-category groups all the products dedicated to marketing, from TheCubes to the dedicated plans. It contains numerous subdivisions, inserted to help the customer in filtering products.

Here you can find all our solutions to offer you dedicated advice and plan your next marketing moves. Our experts will be at your disposal to find the best solution.

The category where we group all the arts related to the creation for the web. In particular, you can find specific sub-categories, such as

  • Web design, for our products that deal with the style and design for web;
  • Development, for more complex web projects;
  • Custom code, for our UI/UX solutions;
  • Tools, for everything that can turn useful for the web.

Everything we can offer about design and graphic creations. This category is divided with specific filters, which are

  • Graphics, for brand identities and print projects
  • Architecture, for big and ambitious architectonic ideas

Our image division is ready to welcome you to leave you all our proposals from the point of view of video creation, photo shooting and to tell your story.

  • Camera shooting, for your image services (that includes photos or videos)
  • Editing and VFX, to get an astonishing look for your videos
  • Storytelling, to activate the teams that will tell your story to the world by means of a cinematic quality product

All you need to make your site optimized and usable to the maximum, according to different methods.

  • Refurbishment, to give a new look to your website
  • Setting, to let our technicians help you setting up your web products
  • Security, to add the correct layers of protection to your sites
  • Speed up, to have a performing product.

The right solutions for marketing strategies that spread over time, for a targeted programming of contents and tactics to be adopted. It can be a web strategy, or graphics, or video, or even social media: our technicians will be activated depending on what you buy.

All the tools you need to make yourself known online, each supported by different methods and strategies.

  • Social media management, to trust our experts in the most used communication channels
  • CPC Advertising, to exploit in the best way the Ads tools
  • SEO and SEM, to perfect your way to promote yourself organically on the web

Learning with us

We have set up several learning programs. Over time we have gathered around a set of knowledge and skills that we feel we can share with all those who wish to expand their horizons. Within this category there are courses held by internal teachers and dedicated to digital arts.

  • Academy, the learning path that will take you directly to the Studios, for an immersive experience together with our teachers.

  • Course, the category that contains all the different lessons we have designed for those who want to learn the digital arts, divided into web, graphic and video techniques.

  • Dummy, the lessons for beginners who want to deepen their horizons with basic notions about the digital world.


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