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Docly Child


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Most LANGA products have several configuration options. This was done because we are well aware that our customers come from different realities, and therefore have different needs and different needs. We have studied for a long time what the different purchase options can be for all our products, after which we have set up the different options that make up our offer.


You can find our configuration options in the form of a drop-down menu, a button or a small image.

You can find all the configuration options within the product, under the description and before the Add to cart button. They make changes to the price, obviously on the basis of the complexity of the intervention.


There can be many different variables, and sometimes it happens that a product has several options that interpolate with each other. It is not certain that each option necessarily connects with all the others, our technicians have applied commercial logic to generate an offer capable of meeting the needs of the various commercial entities.

Each combination has a brief description, which guides the user to purchase, making him understand whether or not that is the product he is looking for.


We are aware that the configuration is not completely customizable and that it can be perceived as quite “raw” at first glance, with everything already set up, but what we did was study our customers, understand their needs and the most common requests. The configurations included in Studios reflect our experience and awareness of what we offer to customers.

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