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Information and specs

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In each Studios product we have included all the necessary information that helps you understand it and that answers the most common questions that are usually asked by our customers.

The Tech specs

The technical specifications, which you find under the name of Tech specs, are a set of tables that have the task of letting you know the details of the processing right away, how many people will work in the team, which technologies will be used, what are the activation times and delivery.

This table is included in most of Studios’ products and helps users understand immediately what to expect from that process. We did it because first of all we have nothing to hide and we believe that complete transparency towards our customers should be adopted immediately.

Main information

When you open a product, in the Quick view or directly on the page, we have inserted a series of information that helps you understand the product from the first glance. You will find a brief description, and then a series of tables with the main features of the service, well divided and highlighted.

We have found that many customers, due to inexperience or other reasons, have difficulty recognizing what they are actually going to buy. This is why we decided to immediately put all the cards on the table, to create and spread awareness about digital and what it offers. We have always believed that to embark on the digital world you need to know its potential, its limits and the benefits it can bring. We do not want to be “only” those who work materially on a project, but we want our customers to know immediately what digital arts are.

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