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Sometimes, marketing interventions cannot end with a single delivery, but must be extended over time with a series of targeted operations that guarantee continuous coverage. For this we have created our own plans, which cover all digital arts. Our customers who need lasting interventions over time and commensurate with their long-term needs rely on our departments that will recurrently deliver them what is expected.

These are 12-month subscription services which, depending on the configuration options that are selected, offer the customer a number of digital processes per month, released according to what can be read in the Tech specs of each plan.

How to activate a plan

Go to LANGA StudiosCategories Marketing plans and choose the plan that interests you the most.

Set the configuration that suits you using the options on the right.

Click on Sign up now to add your plan to the cart. Then, open your cart, review your order an go to Checkout where you can review all the payment details. If everything is all right, proceed to the payment.

Now your subsciption is accepted! Wait the end of the activation time and our technicians will contact you. You will always be able to explore the details of your subscription in your Dashboard. 

If by any chance you want to interrupt the plan, everything will be done following the Terms of use that you accepted by buying it.

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