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Payment methods and Account

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We remind you that you can access all our services with your personal LANGA Account, which guarantees access to all our services. For this, you can change your payment method directly from the general Dashboard of your Account, or from the LANGA Studios Dashboard.

Store your credit card on LANGA Studios

Go to Your accountDashboard Payment methods . Here you can see which cards you have stored inside your account, you can delete them or enter new ones.

Remember that credit cards are encrypted using the Stripe method, and no one will see your entire payment information. Simply enter your card number, expiration date and CVV code and then click on Add payment method.

Accepted payment methods

LANGA Studios allows you to complete your purchase through different payment solutions, to meet different needs.

We accept credit card payments through the Stripe method, which guarantees transaction security as well as an effective encryption system. This is why it is also the only method that can be stored on our application.

You can pay by linking your PayPal account at checkout. This option is also valid for marketing plans, which are subscription services.

It is possible to pay on the platform by bank transfer, but this option is enabled only for Accounts with a B2B profile, and therefore adhering to the Hey collaboration program. To learn more, visit the Hey program documentation for B2B companies and individuals.

Buying without an account

Within our application it is not possible to complete a purchase without having a LANGA Account. However, once you arrive at checkout, you can register a new account, if you don’t have one, or log into your existing one, without your shopping cart being changed or emptied.

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