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In a selection of our products, such as web or architecture products, you can find “Property” in the configuration options. But what does it mean and what are the benefits of activating it?


Buying one of our products with Property means that at the time of delivery the work property is entitled to the client only. This implies that the customer, once the project has been completed and delivered, can carry out the actions he prefers with his own website. When we deliver the work, there will be no more ties between the client and the Studios, so that the recipient can dispose of his product in the way he prefers.

In addition, the client will have the guarantee that the work will be completely original and will not be replicated in any other project, making what he received completely his own.

"For property" products

There are some products, such as Sprays, which are directly connected to this type of purchase. For example, if you are purchasing a restyling for a showcase site owned by you, you will need to select the For property option to activate the right team and communicate what type of intervention you need to prepare.

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