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Some of our products, such as the web ones, have a type of purchase called “Rent”, which allows you to go and buy a site that will not belong entirely to the customer, but which will be granted an annual license for use. The product will therefore not be exclusive to the customer and, for example, its structure, deprived of customizations, can be re-used by LANGA for new processes.


Buying one of our products with Rent can be a great way to save for some types of customers. For example, a cultural institution that organizes a temporary exhibition, and needs a site that remains online for only one year, can choose this solution that guarantees LANGA quality but does not have large maintenance and construction costs, having to remain online for less time.

In addition to this, it can be a great way to amortize costs if you decide to activate, for example, two Cubes together. Staying with the same times and with the same methods, you get a site whose cost is spread over time.

"For rent" products

There are some products, such as Sprays, which are directly connected to this type of purchase. For example, if you are purchasing a restyling for a showcase site you rented from us, you will need to select the For rent option to activate the right team and communicate what type of intervention you need to prepare, knowing that the License of use will remain the same.

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