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You can only see this section when logged in.

This section describes everything a consumer user can find on the platform.

Attention, if you are a collaborator there are further sections that are not described in this page, visit the documentation for B2B for more correct information.

This is the main part for every LANGA Studios B2C client, from where they can manage all their actions on the platform. You can see the status of your orders or subscriptions, manage payment methods and contact details. Let’s see all the functions in detail.


The first part is dedicated to orders, i.e. everything that the user has purchased on the platform. The section presents a summary of the main details of the order thanks to which it is possible to have a first report with respect to what has been purchased and the status of the purchase. You can view different details, such as:

  • Order, the serial number of your order
  • Placed by, the account of the buye
  • Date, when that order has been placed
  • Status, if the order has been delivered or not
  • Total, the amount payed
  • Actions, where it is possible to expand the order and see it in detail.

By opening the order details, you will be able to see more in-depth information, such as the products purchased, the delivery options if it is a physical product and all the details relating to the payment and, if there are any subscriptions, you can view the main details.

Also, if a purchased product has attachments to download, you will find the download button above the details.

My subscriptions

This section allows the user to view the details of all the subscriptions he has subscribed to at our Store. You are presented with a short summary, which contains the start date, the date of the next payment and the end date of the subscription. You can also cancel your subscription if you wish.


When you purchase particular products on LANGA Studios, such as the Cubes, you may have documents to download that are included with certain products. You will find all the documents grouped in this section, where you just need to click on the download button to have your file available on your device.


If you have promotional codes available, you will find them entered on this page, where you can view their details, how to apply and the expiration date. Be careful not to let your coupons expire, then they will no longer be recoverable!


On this page you will find the addresses you have registered on the Studios platform. If you have already entered an address, you can change it, but if an address has not yet been entered, you can add one.

Remember that all fields marked with an asterisk are required to be able to save changes.

Payment methods

Here you can see which payment methods you have added to your account, delete them or enter new ones.

Remember that credit cards are encrypted using the Stripe method, and no one will see your entire payment information. Simply enter your card number, expiration date and CVV code and then click on Add payment method.

Dashboard details

This section is useful for changing the main details of your account, such as your telephone number (essential for accessing with OTP), your name and surname and nickname, and password.

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