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Compare function

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Thanks to this function, it is possible to compare up to a maximum of 2 products to evaluate their characteristics and calibrate your purchase based on what you really want to buy. There are two different ways to insert products into the Compare, we explain them to you below.

Through the product card

  1. Go to the Shop page.

  2. Place your mouse on a product card and click on Compare on the top right angle.
  3. Repeat the same step for a second product.

  4. Go on Compare, on the right of the header.
  5. View the products compared.

Through the product page

  1. Go to the Search bar.

  2. Search for a product and enter in the product's page.

  3. Scroll down on the description until you find the Compare button, unther the "Add to cart" one.

  4. Repeat the same step for a second product.

  5. Click on Ok, compare it now, in the same position of the Compare button.
  6. View the products compared.

The two procedures work also combined

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