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The Prize is open to all, regardless of age, gender, nationality or other qualification. Each artist can participate by sending one or more projects. The field covered in the work is always free but remains bound to specific digital categories. Below we list all the categories admitted to the competition:

  • Static websites for the TheCubes %ONE award, digital works including the development of a showcase website with graphic and photographic devices, without back-office and created by means of cms or not;
  • Dynamic websites for the TheCubes %WEB award, digital works that include the development of a dynamic website including photography and brand identity, with back-system integration demonstrationoffice limited to a user editor for the management of some dynamic sections of the site;
  • eCommerce platform for the TheCubes %COM award, digital works that have foreseen the development of a B2C or B2B ecommerce project in full form, with demonstration of the management operation and integrated tools for its dynamic management;
  • Graphic kit for the TheCubes %DIGITAL award, digital works that have had as a focus the development of a brand identity uniquely digital, reduced or not, by means of a graphic creation as a studio of logos, flyers, business cards, letterhead, catalogs,…
  • Creative design for the TheCube %PRINT award, digital works including the study and development of material to be printed that include creative printing techniques such as finishing and impressions on support;
  • Exhibition architecture for the TheCubes %EXHIBITION award, digital works that focus on the design of exhibition spaces for permanent events (showroom or museum projects) and temporary structures (exhibition projects) for the presentation of products/ services;
  • Image service for the TheCubes %SHOOTING prize, digital works represented by photo packs and/or packs of video shots that have as focus the representation of things/structures/people;
  • Video editing for the TheCubes %VIDEO award, digital works that aim to develop commercial videos to represent a product/event/company;
  • Storytelling for the TheCubes %FILM award, digital works that focus on telling a story through 1 or more videos related to a well-defined advertising message;
  • 360º marketing for the Foolish award, multiple digital works that have had the purpose of representing a product/ service by means of 3 or more digital means interconnected between them (website + social communication + promotional video or ecommerce + photo shoot + sponsorship management or etc…);
  • UI/UX manual for the %SMART award, digital works of graphic representation that aim to show the beauty of the user interface and the effectiveness of the user experience in the use of the computer application presented.

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