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Jury, method and score

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The projects uploaded will be evaluated by an international jury that will select the finalist artists and designers, rewarding them with the “winning cube” award referring to their category. Here are some members participating in the ballot:

  • The rector of the International Institute of Art School;
  • 1 member of the LANGA Studios team principal;
  • 2 professors of the academy of fine arts;
  • 1 IT senior manager for IT project management.

The jury will evaluate the works taking into account the characteristics of international contemporary art and according to qualitative criteria, research and technical ability. The jury can evaluate all the material sent by means of the appropriate form of registration and subscription of their digital project.

The method used for scoring is based on the experience of the individual members of the jury, the main canons of design and fashion of the moment.

Mainly each project will be evaluated from 1 to 10 points, the projects that will not exceed the score of 6.5 points may not be published in the site TheCubes and consequently in the LANGA network. Only projects with a score of more than 7.0 points will enter the announcement and subsequent selection phase for the award. Specifically, the vote is expressed in two parts:

– for the first part of the score, in tenths (from 1 to 10 points) to attribute the overall level of aesthetic pleasantness, performance, attraction, design or any main focus to the project submitted;

– for the second part of the score, in cents (1 to 100 points) for a more specific assessment of the stylistic, editorial or advertising details of the same project.

For several reasons, the publication of the score could remain visible or not depending on the type of project. The decisions of the jury are always neutral, definitive and binding, suitable for the maximum exaltation of digital design.

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