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Proclamation, “winning cube” and mentions

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The award ceremony/ certificates TheCubes will be held annually on 1 Saturday in September and at a technical headquarters LANGA, located in the charming town of Alba, in the province of Cuneo. Further details regarding the venue and event will still be provided to participants at the time of the announcement, which is 1 month before the award ceremony. 

The results of the jury will be published online on the website www.thecubes.langa.tv and in advance of the web publication to the winners only.

In the case of crushing wins, only 11 cubes per year will be recognized, 1 only per category, to which will be awarded the “winning cube” with inside the NFC TheCubes card preloaded with the official digital certificate of the declaration of work of excellence, winner of the competition of a specific category and edition. For a more efficient communication of the winning act of the participant, the delivery remains bound only with physical withdrawal by the winner. In the event that the winner fails to participate in the award ceremony in the LANGA is required to notify promptly within 2 days from the date of announcement. Subsequently, the prize can then be sent by insured mail on a cost refund order, established depending on the shipping location. In the event of a draw between several projects, the TheCubes jury may also decide to award ex aequo prizes, that is to assign more than 1 cube for the same category, or not to award prizes if the optimal quality for a specific category is not reached.

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